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Mykonos Bulletproof Mercedes S-Class - Armed Security Services

Mykonos Bulletproof Mercedes S-Class 500 2016 model is available for any guest who is looking to be totally secure while on the road as well. Together with our elite bodyguard or private armed security guards this bulletproof car in Mykonos will ensure your safety in Mykonos or where ever you might be planning to visit in Greece.

Porsche Cayenne also available.

Contact PRIVÉ - Exclusive Concierge to get a quote for this premium chauffeured vehicle.

Mykonos Private Car & Chauffeur Services

Mykonos Private Car & Chauffeur Services on a 24h basis. Our fleet is composed of more than 20 different type of vehicles and therefore rest assure that we got the car you like! From a Mercedes G-Class, Porsche Cayenne or a Mercedes S-Class in Mykonos to a Mercedes Minivan or VIP mini Bus.

Mykonos Concierge Services

PRIVÉ - Exclusive Concierge Mykonoswas founded on the principle that anything is possible and should be possible. We provide our guests with an exceptionally high standard of concierge services in Mykonos and many other regions in Greece. We ensure that each request is carried out with diligence and attention to detail. Everything we do is highly personalised and delivered by a caring and conscientious concierge. We know that in order to work effectively, we must understand our guests priorities, needs and preferences. It is only then that we can offer the essential service. Mykonos Concierge Services at its best.

Private Security Services in Mykonos

Bodyguard and Private Security Services Mykonos All our staff are highly experienced and only fully licensed and experienced CPO's, Static Guards for Villas, Bodyguards. We are able to offer a wide range of services tailored to our client’s individual needs ensuring their expectations are fulfilled to the highest professional standards.Our security service is guaranteed confidential and our staff sign non-disclosure agreements.We distinguish ourselves from other security companies by being specialists in high end security services, having particular set procedures.

Mykonos Bodyguard - VIP Security Services

PRIVÉ - Exclusive Concierge joined forces with a private security company to offer the best Bodyguards, CPOs and deliver premium security services in Mykonos island and the Aegean.  We provide extensive protection services to individuals, VIP's and Villa Security Services. Through a professional approach to our bodyguard services our teams are highly equipped, experienced and specialized in their respective fields.

Respecting our client's privacy, we operate via strict NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

Mercedes G-Class 350 Bluetec - Mykonos Concierge - VIP Driver/Chauffeur Services

PRIVÉ - Exclusive Concierge Mykonos

Exclusive Concierge Services on Mykonos Island, Private Driver Services on Mykonos Island, VIP Services and Personal Concierge.